™ Web Services API Documentation V2


The Web Services API allows you to embed the PoolPass® and Ride Match functionality into your own camp web site. Your campers' experience can be seamless, with your programming handling the client interface, and handling all of the data base, geolocation and ride-match technologies. A series of API actions are available to implement the standard CRUD functions. These are supplemented by three additional functions that enable you to Match riders, retrieve All PoolPass® records for your camp, and get a New empty PoolPass®.

You should be familiar with server-side programming to use the API.

Request URL

Request Parameters

To learn more about RESTful queries, please visit

Param Value Description
key string
The application programming interface key. See "API Keys" for more information.
act string
The action code, telling the API what data to expect and what data to return. These action codes are as follows:
  • C - Create a new PoolPass® record and return the contents
  • R - Retrieve the contents of a PoolPass® record
  • U - Update the contents of a PoolPass® record
  • D - Destroy a PoolPass® record
  • M - Return the ride matches for a given PoolPass® record
  • A - Spew the contents of all PoolPass® records
  • N - Create a new, empty Electronic PoolPass® record
P string
The PoolPass® string, a unique nine-character field created by the data base.
This value is ignored when the action code is "C" or "A"
This value is required for other calls to the API.
N string
The name of the camper.
A string
The street address of the camper.
C string
The city address of the camper.
S string
The state address of the camper - two character abbreviation.
Z string
The ZIP code address of the camper.
H string
The country code (homeland) of the camper.
D string
The date of travel to camp. ISO8601 format like YYYY-MM-DD.
E string
The email address of the camper. This field must be included in the CREATE request.
F string
The telephone number of the camper.
O string
Notes. This field is intended to provide a place for the camper to share a simple message with his fellow campers, such as "Let's leave early and eat at IHOP" or "I have room for four passengers."
W string
Camp data. This field is intended to provide a place for the camp to store its own data in the API data base.
T string
Acceptance of the terms of use.
This field must specify "T=Y" to indicate acceptance of the Terms of Use.
Required for CREATE or UPDATE.

Sample Request URLs

A request to create a new PoolPass® record

A request to update the phone number for an existing PoolPass® record

A request to find all of the ride-match candidates for a PoolPass®

Response Fields

The schema document for this service response is here:

Field Description
ResultSet Contains all of the query responses.
Result Contains each individual response.
More than one result may be returned in response to act=A or act=M.
An abbreviated result may be returned in response to act=D.
An abbreviated result will always be returned in case of an error condition - any time that the response attribute code is not 200.

Has attributes:
    timestamp - ISO8601 timestamp of the request
    warning - a textual explanation of the code (optional)
    code - similar to HTTP response codes
        200 OK
        204 NO DATA FOUND
        400 BAD REQUEST
        403 REQUEST DENIED
        404 RECORD NOT FOUND
Poolpass The 9-character PoolPass® of this record
Name Camper's name
Address Camper's street address
City Camper's city
State Camper's state - two character abbreviation
Zip Camper's zip code, may contain ZIP or ZIP+4 like 22101-3104
Country Camper's Country
Phone Camper's telephone number
Email Camper's email address
Date Camper's travel date
Note Camper's free-form note field
Campdata Camp's free-form data field
Distance The distance in miles of this camper from the camper holding the PoolPass® that was presented in a request containing act=M

Sample Response to act=R&p=Y5REDJ6KW

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ResultSet xmlns:xsi=""
      <Result code="200" timestamp="2008-12-04T19:50:56-0600">
          <Name>Ray Paseur</Name>
          <Address>6327 Everglades Dr</Address>
          <Note>Let's leave early and go to IHOP</Note>

Sample Response to act=R&p=[unknown]

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ResultSet xmlns:xsi=""
      <Result code="404" timestamp="2008-12-04T19:50:56-0600"
              warning="POOLPASS [unknown] NOT FOUND">


The service does not return errors. Check the Result["code"] field and the Result["warning"] field.

Rate Limit

The service is not rate limited.

API Keys

The API Web Services are offered for a subscription fee, and an API key is required to use the services. One API key is required for each camp destination. The API key is a unique 40 character string.

Terms of Use

Use is subject to the most current Terms of Use as published on this web site.