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We only use your contact and location data to help you learn about ride sharing.

We never transfer your contact or location data to any one except your fellow campers.

We analyze our data only in the aggregate and anonymously, and only for the purpose of viewing trends or improving the service.


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The PoolPass® is an electronic key; as such, it has no physical embodiment. Issuance constitutes completed performance. Once issued, a PoolPass® has no financial value. issues PoolPasses® to campers at the request of camps. does not distribute PoolPasses® to the public. Camps may distribute PoolPass® keys electronically via the WWW, email, IM, Fax or phone. Camps may distribute PoolPass® keys in writing.

Camps agree to safeguard the privacy of information on this web site in the same ways that they would safeguard other camper information received from other sources.

If you receive information from this web site, you agree that you will hold harmless the Camps,, and any parties to agreements made by these entities, in any matter arising from your use of this web site or your use of the information you received from this web site. Campers who receive a PoolPass® agree that the PoolPass® is the property of, Inc. Campers agree that they will not disclose or transmit a PoolPass® to any third party.

Written (physical) PoolPasses® are not presently available under the free program.

Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement is incorporated into the terms of use. takes your privacy seriously. Our data base is designed for one purpose only: to make social introductions that facilitate car pool ride sharing. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to make introductions among parties who are potential ride-sharing candidates. We determine the potential candidates (also called "fellow campers") as follows:

    You received a PoolPass® on behalf of a camp through;
    Your live near others who have a PoolPass® from the same camp;
    Your date of travel is the same as others who satisfy criteria 1 and 2;
    You have "opted in" through the use of the web site. will make contact information available among parties who mutually satisfy these critera. This information will contain the name of the camp, the travel date, the ZIP code and email address of each party, and, optionally, any additional information that you may have provided to this web site when you opted-in. will not knowingly or willingly expose your personal information beyond that report.

You agree that this web site may display the information that you have entered, or that has been entered on your behalf. You acknowledge that this information may contain your email address, ZIP code, and other personal data. You acknowledge that you are free to change or delete this information at any time. You agree that you will not copy or retransmit any information from this web site, except for the sole purpose of contacting others whose travel plans are aligned with your own. You understand that you may use the opt-out page at any time. You agree that your sole remedy in any action against the site, its owners, its member camps and its other users shall be to cease using the site.